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GREETINGS from Austin Texas and WELCOME To Edelweiss Publishing!!


 This site is still under construction, so please forgive our "mess" while we get it built out.

This site is intended to provide new authors with a place where they can exchange ideas and leverage each others talents.  With the all the self-publishing possibilities available these days, anyone can write a book.  The problem is, as it always has been, it's tough to get started.  I'm not trying to complete with the huge publishing houses.  What I AM trying to do is build a place where we can get together, and exchange products and services, that leverage our individual talents, to other authors that in the same boat we are in.

Having published one book, just finishing my second, and having a dozen more on the schedule, I thought it would be a good idea to start my own company to help get organized and get these projects out.  I've run into many (not all, to be sure) problems that a new author can run into.  I'd like to pass that experience on, and learn from others who are also discovering their own path.  You can read more about me when I get our "Authors" page up, on this site.

Anyone can share their story, and I'd like to help.  Hopefully this site will help.  I will be offering some of my own products and services, besides my books, and welcome others to market their products and services to others like us. We can't all buy those fancy printers, but if "Joe" has a wide carraige printer, and "Bob" has skills doing custom lamiations, we can all help each other out without each of us having to buy ALL the tools we individually need.  We want to do this without breaking the bank of someone with a limited budget.  In general, I would like to keep a "cost +10%" philosophy going, whenever possible.  Let's be perfectly honest, we all want to make a few bucks, but just as we do not want to be overchaged for something, we want to take the position of not overcharing anyone for the products and services through our network.

As this site gets built out, I will be including features that will provide people a place to showcase their unique products and services, including their book titles.  We will offer some features in this site that you will not find anywhere else.  But I am always open to suggestions.  The goal is to build a consortium of writers that help each of us, be better than they ever could be alone.

It's an exciting time, and I'd like to bring along as many of you as I can.  If you've ever thought of writing a book, but THOUGHT you didn't have the time or talent, let us show you that it's not really as intimidating as you might think ... with a little help, of course.  Whether you've published a book, are in the process of writing one, or just dreamed about it, please contact us.  Let's talk and see if we can find an innovative way to make your dream come true as well.


Kurt "commaKazi" Graf